Custom Cake Orders

Thank you so much for your interest in our cakes.

Although we don't make very fancy or ornate cakes, the cakes we make are delicious and enjoyed by all (even non-vegans).

At this time we can only accept cakes for local pick-up (location given when order is placed)

We need a 14-21 days notice.

We are very busy with our wholesale business side that we need this time to make sure we can make your cake and give it the care and attention that it needs.

Cake Flavors:

  • Tres Leches (GF options)
  • Guava & Cream Cheeze (GF options)
  • Chocolate Oreo Cake
  • Vanilla with Chocolate Icing and Choco Chip Cookies
  • Vanilla with Vanilla Icing (GF options)
  • Choco Choco
  • GF Red Velvet with Cream Cheeze 
  • Butter Rum (GF options)
  • Suggestions welcomed :)

Below is the pricing of our cakes, please understand that we are limited in what we can offer.

All cakes are 3 layers except for the mini cakes (4" which are 2 layers)

4in cakes (serves 4)

  • 2 layers $25
  • Oreo, Tres Leches or Guava + $5
  • GF + $5

6in cakes (serves 8-10)

  • 3 layers $50
  • Oreo, Tres Leches or Guava + $5
  • GF + $5

8in cakes (feeds 12-16)

  • 3 layers $60
  • Oreo, Tres Leches or Guava + $5
  • GF +5

Cookie Cakes

  • 12 in round cookie cake $40 (GF + $5)


  • $21 - 1/2 dozen
  • $42 - dozen
  • $36 - dozen when multiple dozens are ordered
  • GF Options available please contact us

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact via our contact page here -->


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Sweet Reviews

At first I didn't think I would like the vegan sweets since I'm not vegan. Oopsy Daisy Sweets is delicious and my go to! I love every thing they offer!

The cake was so delicious! Everyone loved it and could not believe it was vegan. Thank you!!

I first tried their turtle brownie and peanut butter cookie cream pie at the Sarasota Vegan Cafe and I was hooked. I ordered more from their site and tried their Vinkies.

Oopsy Daisy more like Oopsy I ate 10 churro muffins and now I have a weekly order coming to me!!! And I also got some big ole blueberry muffins they were scrumptious.

Oopsy Daisy Sweets are completely vegan versions of some of your favorite childhood treats. The most notable offerings are the traditional and chocolate Vinkies (vegan Twinkies), Cookie Cream Pies (vegan Oatmeal Cream Pies) and Brownies (including a veganized Cosmic Brownie)