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Hello and welcome to Oopsy Daisy Sweets!  My name is Daisy and I am the owner and head baker.  I have memories of my sweet Puerto Rican Mama, always in the kitchen, cooking and baking the most delectable treats!  I wanted to continue her legacy and share her delicious recipes with the world so I created this bakery in 2017 as a tribute to her.  

As much as I loved my Mama’s sweets, I needed to make some modifications so what I have done is I have recreated some authentic Puerto Rican sweets into bite sized form and eliminated a few things.  These unique treats have a twist because they are 100% VEGAN.  Not only have I recreated some yummy Latin Sweets, I have recreated some childhood favorites such as Vegan Twinkies (Vinkies) and Cookie Cream Pies.

I know you might be thinking, “Oh I’m sure if they are vegan they don’t taste as good”, but that is not the case!  If I hadn’t told you they were vegan, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have even known the difference!  

So the moral of the story is, this bakery allows you to enjoy decadent sweetness without all the guilt!  A win for you and a win for me!

Oopsy Daisy Sweets is available for parties, events, special gatherings, and more!  Please use the “Contact Us” form to get more information.  

Thank you for supporting my small business.



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Sweet Reviews

At first I didn't think I would like the vegan sweets since I'm not vegan. Oopsy Daisy Sweets is delicious and my go to! I love every thing they offer!

The cake was so delicious! Everyone loved it and could not believe it was vegan. Thank you!!

I first tried their turtle brownie and peanut butter cookie cream pie at the Sarasota Vegan Cafe and I was hooked. I ordered more from their site and tried their Vinkies.

Oopsy Daisy more like Oopsy I ate 10 churro muffins and now I have a weekly order coming to me!!! And I also got some big ole blueberry muffins they were scrumptious.

Oopsy Daisy Sweets are completely vegan versions of some of your favorite childhood treats. The most notable offerings are the traditional and chocolate Vinkies (vegan Twinkies), Cookie Cream Pies (vegan Oatmeal Cream Pies) and Brownies (including a veganized Cosmic Brownie)