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Hello and welcome to Oopsy Daisy Sweets!  My name is Daisy and I am the CEO of Oopsy Daisy Sweets, LLC. 

This bakery was created in 2018, but I've been baking for decades. Baking began during my childhood years and has been a wonderful way to create and share sweets with family and friends. 

As a person with food allergies, it became difficult to enjoy baked goods and the ones I did find were not too appealing so Oopsy Daisy Sweets was born. We first began offering sweets from my Latin background and later expanded into more infamous childhood sweets but with a twist. The twist was the challenge to recreate baked sweets we all remember but without the dairy or eggs. 

Our first challenge was to recreate the Twinkie and we succeeded in making an allergen friendly version we named the Vinkie. We also have a Gluten-free version and many have claimed it's better than the original. After conquering our first challenge we continued onto cookie cream pies and the rest is history.

I know you might be thinking, “Oh I’m sure if they don't have dairy or eggs they can't taste as good”, but that is not the case!  If I hadn’t told you they were missing dairy and eggs, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have even known the difference!  

Oopsy Daisy Sweets Bakery is located in Tampa, FL. We have a private commercial bakery, which means we do not have a store front. However, you can always place an order and pick up your items by appointment only. If you are not in the Tampa area you can find our sweets in many local establishments and throughout the state of Florida.

If you'd like to see our dairy-free and egg-free baked goods in your neighborhood, ask your local shops to contact us and we will gladly make your dreams come true.

If you are local to the Tampa Bay area you can find our sweets in the many local retailers listed on this page - Retail Partners.

Oopsy Daisy Sweets is also available for parties, events, special gatherings, and more!  Please use the “Contact Us” form to get more information.  

Thank you for supporting our small business.

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Sweet Reviews

OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD!!!! Thank you so much, Daisy! Everyone gobbled up the goodies. What a treat, especially for me since I can never eat the office birthday cake. Totally worth the calories!


I just tried one of your sweets for the first time and I literally jumped up and down and screamed. It was THAT GOOD! It was the cookies and cream jar. I purchased it from Sarasota Vegan Deli in Sarasota.
Thank you for making treats, and promoting veganism!


Thank you for the wonderful cookie cake! The birthday boy loved it!!


At first I didn't think I would like the vegan sweets since I'm not vegan. Oopsy Daisy Sweets is delicious and my go to! I love every thing they offer!


The cake was so delicious! Everyone loved it and could not believe it was vegan. Thank you!!


I first tried their turtle brownie and peanut butter cookie cream pie at the Sarasota Vegan Cafe and I was hooked. I ordered more from their site and tried their Vinkies.


Oopsy Daisy more like Oopsy I ate 10 churro muffins and now I have a weekly order coming to me!!! And I also got some big ole blueberry muffins they were scrumptious.


I just wanted to take a minute to recommend Oopsy Daisy Sweets! I just got a guava birthday cake for my mom’s birthday and it was phenomenal- I have no idea what she puts inside the cream cheese frosting but it is insanely delicious! The cake was enjoyed by everyone - even the non-vegans!


The oatmeal cream pie is my absolute favorite! And the peanut butter cups are better than Reese’s....there I said it! Go and get yourself some of these delicious goodies!