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We have a variety of brownies available, with more flavors coming soon.

We have the following flavors available:

  1. Triple Chocolate - decadent, gooey chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle
  2. Choco Peanut Butter - gooey chocolate with peanut butter chips and a peanut butter ganache
  3. Twisted Cosmic Brownies - ultra gooey chocolate with chocolate chips and a chocolate ganache sprinkled with vegan sprinkles.
  4. Twisted Turtle Brownies - fudgy brownie with chocolate chips and pecans, freshly made caramel sauce sprinkled with more pecans and drizzled with chocolate.

Brownies are 4oz each

Infused Brownies:

CBD - 25mg each

Kratom - 4g each

Kava - 2g each